At Tigín we place great emphasis on meal times both from a nutritional standpoint and from the opportunity presented for the development of social graces. In our semi-industrial kitchen all meals are prepared freshly on a daily basis, with all fruit, vegetables and meat delivered directly to us from our suppliers.






Dinner (served with water)

Penne Pasta Carbonara
Penne Pasta Amatriciana
Shepard's Pie (Lamb)
Chicken Casserole, Fresh Vegetables and Potatos
Breast of Chicken Curry with Rice
Round Mince Beef Curry with Rice
Chilli Con Carne with Rice
Paprika Chicken, Fresh Vegetables and Mashed Potato
Fillet of Cod Fish Fingers, Mashed Potato and Beans
Chicken Fillet Nuggets, Mashed Potato and Beans

Tea (served with water/milk and fresh fruit daily)

Baguettes, Cheddar Cheese and Yoghurts Home-baked Scones with Jam Home-made French Toast Home-made Hummus on Brown Bread Choice of Sandwiches with Petit Filous

HAACP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point)

At Tigín, our kitchen is fully HACCP certified. HACCP is a legally-required food safety system which provides guidelines for staff and suppliers for the delivery, storage, preparation and service of foodstuffs. HACCP is a national strategy co-oordinated by the FSAI and HSE to comply with EU legislation.